Yes. Leather trousers. Waist 36 inches


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Armour at knee and shin.
Two outer zipped pockets.
Elasticated leather panels at waist and knee tops.
Perforated leather panels at knee backs.
Opti zips.
Size tag, 58

Good quality trousers.
Brand new.
Never worn.
No marks.
No damage.
For information, Yes, was a brand set up by Dainese SpA., but did not last long. Please do not be put off if you have not heard of Yes. These are a VERY well made pair of trousers.
Great value.
Grade A
Approximate measurements taken from the outside of this actual garment, D-36, G-33, H-23                          Please see our Sizing Mannequin and check your personal measurements.                                            Please read our Sizing Guide.