1. At Scrubbers want all our customers to be happy with their purchases, our cleaning and maintenance services and our level of service.

2. Our aim is to provide the very best professional cleaning and maintenance service for motorcycle clothing ( Revive ) and supply top quality pre-owned motorcycle clothing and kit that has been professionally cleaned, fits correctly and meets our customers’ requirements (Re-Loved ). As the vast majority of the items we have for sale in Re-Loved are pre-owned, we go to great lengths to ensure an accurate description and approximate measurements, taken from the outside of the garment, are given for each item. On measuring we have to allow a small discrepancy on bulky items such as suits, jackets and trousers. By making your purchase you agree that you, the customer, have had your relevant areas measured in accordance with the item(s) purchased, and have read the Sizing Guide provided on this website.

3. All items purchased from Re-Loved or booked in for cleaning and maintenance with Revive must be paid for in full prior to dispatch from Scrubbers.

4. Scrubbers do accept returns on all Re-loved items purchased.

5. As the majority of our ReLoved items are pre-owned and have undergone an intense clean and refurbishment, notification of dissatisfaction, discrepancy or return must be given within forty eight (48) hours of receipt. This notification MUST be in writing to Damien Holt either via email at from the email address on the original order, or in writing to Scrubbers, 18, Boulters Lane, Wood End, near Atherstone, Warwickshire, CV9 2QE. Details of the original Order Number must be included. Please obtain a dated posting receipt. We will accept initial notifications by telephone on 01827-750427, however, this must be followed up in writing within forty eight (48) hours. A ‘certificate of posting’ provided by The Post Office, or similar, will confirm the date of return.

6. If the item purchased and received by the customer, is subsequently proven by the customer to be not as described on this website, in terms of item brand, garment type, condition or measurements; return postage will be arranged by Scrubbers. This service will be via a courier appointed by Scrubbers on a day agreed with the customer. A full refund will be given once the item is back in the possession of Scrubbers, and has been confirmed as the item that was originally purchased, and the reason for return assessed and agreed. We will liaise on any discrepancies via email or post. In the unlikely event of any dispute that cannot be agreed between ourselves and the customer, Scrubbers Leathers will refer the case to Trading Standards or the relevant and independent arbitration authority for adjudication.

7. Customers wishing to make a return for any other reason are liable for the expense of return post. The item must be returned to us within seventy two (72) hours. The return postage service must include a signature on receipt. A refund, minus the cost of initial post to the customer, will be made once the item is back in the possession of Scrubbers, and has been confirmed as the item that was originally purchased, also the reason for return assessed and agreed. We will liaise on any discrepancies via email or post. PLEASE NOTE, all items are re-photographed AND filmed on the day of posting with proof of date.

8. In either case for return as detailed in 6 & 7, if the item has been worn, other than to try on for size, whilst in the possession of the customer, Scrubbers reserve the right to charge for the re-cleaning of the item. Re-cleaning will be carried out by Scrubbers in accordance with the pricing schedule current at that time.

9. All items purchased from Re-Loved will be posted from Scrubbers within forty eight (48) hours of purchase, unless stated otherwise on this website, using a twenty four (24) hour delivery service, excluding purchases made on Sundays or Bank Holidays. Alternatively we are happy to liaise with customers to arrange delivery on a certain day or alternative delivery address. All deliveries will require a signature to confirm receipt. We do post overseas but ONLY after prior, written, agreement with the purchaser regarding postage costs

10. All items marked as ‘DONATED’ are offered for sale by Scrubbers on behalf of the charities, The Joey Dunlop Foundation (JDF), Isle of Man Registered Charity number 842 or Dun Roamin Dog Re-Homing, Witherley, Warwickshire, Registerd Charity number 1152712.The entire proceeds from the sale of these items go to the relevant charity minus charges made by payment companies. Scrubbers do not take any part of the proceeds; neither do we make any charge for our services in preparing the items for sale. Donations of motorcycle kit can be dropped off or posted to our premises, and are always gratefully received.

11. For items that are sent to us for cleaning and maintenance ( Revive ), all necessary work is started within forty eight hours (48) of arrival and carried out as quickly as possible without any compromise in the quality of our work.

12. Scrubbers will inform all customers using Revive of the safe arrival of their item(s) and again when all work is completed and their item(s) are being returned. All items are returned using a twenty four (24) hour delivery service. Alternatively we are happy to liaise with customers for the items to arrive on a certain day. All deliveries will require a signature on receipt.

13. Any additional work required by the customer to items using Revive can be noted via an accompanying note at the time of posting to Scrubbers. Pricing for additional work will be agreed with the customer prior to commencement and must be paid for prior to return.

14. Any additional work required to items using Revive, that is noticed by Scrubbers, additional to the services paid for on booking in, will be notified and agreed with the customer prior to the additional work commencing. This work must be paid for prior to return. We appreciate that the customer may not wish the additional work to be carried out.

15. Scrubbers will notify customers of the completion of all works, and the amount of any additional payment required.

16. Any item(s) having arrived with us for our Revive services that remains unpaid after a period of six months after date of invoice and notification will be disposed of to cover the outstanding invoice.

17. Any cancellations requested by the customer prior to either posting their garments to us for Revive services or orders placed for Re-Loved items, prior to our posting out, will incurr a service charge of £25.00.

18. ANY false claims regarding our Revive services, ReLoved items or any unfounded defamatory comments on any platform will be vigorously pursued via the UK Court system.

All time frames detailed in 7, 9 & 11 exclude Sundays and Bank Holidays.