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This superb quality Dainese jacket arrived with us a bit unloved. The leather was extremely dry, dirt was ground into the creases and the printed ‘Repsol’ logos were cracked. There were lingering odours of everyday use inside.

First things to do were stabilise the printed logos, as these could easily peel during cleaning,
and make the soap specifically for the leather of this particular jacket.

The end result was spot on. The printed logos were stabilised to stop any further deterioration. All the detritus was removed from inside and outside, the leather was returned to its very best possible condition, lovely and supple.
It now smells of new leather and our protective coating will prevent the colours from fading further.


Richard Ayling, Swadlincote, Derbyshire.

Really nice Spidi suit, relatively new, but Richard had done a bit of ‘tarmac surfing’ at Cadwell Park!

The real issues with this suit were getting all the ground in detritus out from the fibres of the leather prior to re-colouring and matching the colours. Removing petrol, oil etc from damaged areas is essential, otherwise they will continually attack the leather fibres, making them weak.

First thing was a general clean inside and out, and assess the damage.
Once clean we set about experimenting mixing the colours; all done by eye and experience, then we attended to the stitching repairs.

The end result was a safe suit in top condition without having to replace any panels.


After a 100mph highside out of Charlies 2 at Cadwell Park, my Spidis were not looking the great condition they were before the crash….
a couple of seam tears and a lot of scuffing.

I spoke to Damien at Scrubbers, dropped the suit round, and was extremely pleased when I went to collect it! Being only six months old I wanted them repairing well. Scrubbers had done a great job and the suit was like new!

Awesome, friendly service, thanks Damien!


Chris Eccles, Newport, Pembrokeshire, Wales.

“A picture paints a thousand words!”

A very good quality, mid 1990’s Dainese textile jacket. Clearly had plenty of use over the years.

This arrived with other kit for our attention and when we initially spoke on the phone Chris was thinking that the jacket was ready for the bin.

After a couple of washes by Scrubbers it was ready for our own unique three-stage waterproofing process and returning to its very happy owner.


Owned my Dainese jacket for over twenty years and never had it cleaned. It was covered in dirt, oil and chain lube,
and I honestly thought it was beyond saving.

Took it to Scrubbers hoping they could help, and Damien worked wonders! It is almost as new and ready for another twenty years service.


Our own stock

We bought this excellent quality Kushitani suit for our own Re-Loved stock.

Manufactured in the mid 1990s, the suit was really tired when we bought it; the leather was extremely stiff and the stitching was in poor condition. Also, it was shall we say….aromatic! Only to be expected really given its age and never had any care.

We are great fans of Japanese bike kit and love bringing it back to life for the retro 1970s to 1990s market.

The work on this suit is what we do everyday. Make the soap, clean inside and out, make the conditioner, condition inside and out….many

times, lubricate all the zips, feed, and apply the protective coating. Easy? Not really!

Resurrected a top quality suit. Now comfier, safer and stronger than many new suits that are for sale.
Ready for use with perhaps a YZF, ZX-R or original Fireblade?