If you’d like to learn more about the REVIVE service, how or why we do what we do, you might like these…

Video 1.

Damien explains what the REVIVE service is

Video 2.

Damien talks through how to use our REVIVE service

Video 3.

Damien explains the best way to get your kit to us.

Video 4.

Damien explains the reasons why he makes his own cleaning products

Video 5.

Damien cooks the cleaning and conditioning products used in the REVIVE service

Video 6.

Damien talks through the importance of looking after your kit

Video 7.

Damien gives a brief demonstration of some of the stages involved in cleaning your kit

Video 8.

Damien explains the benefits of using the REVIVE service

Video 9.

Damien shows us the before, during and after of cleaning one of our regular customer’s suits