Alpinestars. Two piece leathers. ‘SX-1’. UK 44


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Sports Touring cut.
Fitted armour.
Two inner pockets.
Expandable leather panels at base of back on trousers, sides of jacket at bottom, calves and back of shoulders.
Perforated leather on certain panels on front and back of jacket.
Keprotec at inner arms, crutch to inner thighs and back of knees.
360 degree joining zip. Stitched to leather.
Knee slider Velcro.
Soft collar.
Sizing tag inside suit, 54

Excellent quality suit.
Immaculate condition. No marks, no damage.
This suit was worn once for a maximum of six hours.
Scrubbers have replaced the joining zip. The previous owner has jammed a spiral tooth in his t-shirt, tugged and bent the tooth. The suit then hung in the wardrobe.
The 360 degree joining zip is stitched to leather. This ensures the suit is suitable for Trackday use.
When new this SX-1 suit was the top of the range two-piece from Alpinestars. The RRP was £899.00.
Superb comfort and protection.
Grade B
Approximate measurements of this actual Alpinestars suit, A-60, B-27, C-44, D-39, E-19, F-16, G-31, H-24
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