Spidi. Two piece leathers. ‘R2’. UK 42


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Removable armour.
Perforated leather panels on arms.
Expandable leather panels at base of back, shoulder backs, jacket sides at bottom and top of knees.
Keprotec on armpits, groin to inner thigh and knee backs to calves.
Shoulder vents.
Small aerodynamic hump on back.
360 degree joining zip.
Opti and YKK zips.
Sizing tag in both jacket and trousers, 52

Excellent quality suit.
Superb condition.
Very feint, tiny marks. Being highly critical. No damage.
This excellent suit was only worn on five or six occasions for short rides.
Around £900.00 when originally purchased in 2013.
High specification and protection.
The quality of this suit puts many new suits to shame.
Grade C
Approximate measurements of this actual Spidi suit, A-62, B-25, C-42, D-34, E-20, F-15, G-28, H-21
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