Texport. Two piece leathers. UK 40


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Sports Touring cut.
Removable armour. Please note the shoulder armour is missing.
Elasticated panels at knee backs and bottom sides of jacket.
Keprotec panels at inner arms, groin to thigh to knee backs to calves.
Cuffs have zip and Velcro fastening.
360 degree joining zip.
Knee slider Velcro.
Sizing tags in both jacket and trousers, 50

Very good quality touring suit.
Very good condition.
Slight, feint marks around the suit.
No damage.
The 360 degree joining zip is stitched to leather both sides. This ensures suitability for Trackday use.
Please note the sleeves have been shortened and the joining zip professionally replaced by Dave The Leatherman, Bradford.
Great value.
Grade D
Approximate measurements for this actual Texport suit, A-59, B-24, C-41, D-34, E-18, F-14, G-27, H-22
Please see our Sizing Mannequin above and check your personal measurements.
Please read our Sizing Guide.
This suit has been DONATED by Dave Lawton, Dave The Leatherman, Bradford, on behalf of his much loved Labradors, Troy and Dylan.
All proceeds of the sale of this suit will be donated to Dun Roamin Dog Re-Homing, Witherley, Warwickshire. Charity number 1152712