Furygan. One piece leathers. UK 40


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Race cut.
Removable armour including full back protector.
Expandable leather panels at base of back, back of shoulders and top of knees.
Kevlar reinforced.
Knee slider Velcro.
Supplied with Furygan knee sliders.
YKK zips.
Sizing tags inside suit, 44/50

Great quality race suit.
Very well worn, but good overall condition. No damage.
This suit has been worn lots. There is fading all around the suit. Some of the white lettering has slight colour bleed. The elasticated leather panels have stretched.
All this said, this is still a fantastic suit offering great protection.
A very 'honest suit'.
There are lots of badges and lettering that have been added. The Furygan logo on the back has been lowered.
Grade E
Approximate measurements of this actual Furygan suit, A-63, C-41, D-35, E-21, F-15, G-28, H-21
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